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Meet our team of seasoned music professionals!



SKB Founder & Production Instructor

Demetrius Ledbetter is an all around musician that plays multiple instruments while also being a super producer by producing multiple genres of music. He is currently a 3x stellar award winning producer while also working with well known Rhythm and Blues/Gospel artist in the industry. He has always dreamed to create a platform for kids and young adults to be able to express positive words and actions through music. Mr Ledbetter is well capable of making sure the platform he provides will get the student to a level they will appreciate.



Guitar & Bass Instructor

Eric Moran is a Music Producer, Session Musician and full-time Guitar Instructor. He has performed live with various bands for over 20 years. Specializing in a myriad of musical genres and disciplines, Eric is able to help students achieve goals that could seem daunting to most. He is very good at catering to the specific direction of each individual student and is oftentimes described as being both passionate and patient.



Piano & Keyboard Instructor

Mr Gainey is known best for his unique way of building coloration using strings, analog padding and warm sounding synthesizers around the foundation his songs. Although Mr Gainey loves to explore the sound spectrum, he is no stranger to classical & modern piano techniques. Cordaryl has toured with many artist in the Gospel, Jazz, and Rock industry. He is currently playing for the “Press Play” cover band. With Mr. Gainey as your online or in-person instructor, you are guaranteed to get on the right path with your piano or keyboard journey.



Vocal Instructor

Brian had a hit record, called True Love, charting #1 on the Beach Music Charts in 2016.

Reverend Thomas Spann & The Brooklyn Allstars, Al Green, Ollie Wilson of The Temptations, and his grandmother, Linda Sims, are a few of Brian's major musical influences. He enjoys playing trumpet, tuba, bass guitar, drums and spending time with his family. Brian is affectionately known as "Cuzin Brian," after all, he exclaims, "we're all cousins!" When not singing, you'll find Brian preaching the "Good Word" to anyone who'll listen. You may also have an opportunity to see Brian cheering on the Dallas Cowboys, serving as minister at his church, or in the kitchen cooking. No matter where he is, he will likely be telling jokes and loving life.

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